Our Vision

Building a Hate Free Edmonton


Edmonton is amazing. Our city is diverse and it is vibrant. Edmonton has always been defined by its people. Indigenous peoples, long-time residents, and newcomers alike have made this a city full of ideas, passion, creativity and culture. The Edmonton we know is amazing because of the extraordinary work done by ordinary people.

We believe it can be even better.

But sometimes it feels like everything we see and hear is driven by fear, division, and hatred. We see this in our communities and on our streets. Many of our friends and neighbours feel unsafe. The rise of hate-groups, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists in Canada and across the world is a real threat and has created a feeling of dread among those targeted by this senseless discrimination.

Hatred in our city cannot be tolerated. That’s why we’ve launched #HateFreeYeg, a grassroots campaign to make Edmonton a space free of hate, discrimination, and dehumanizing ideologies of any kind.

We are positive people. We want to lift our city up and double-down on making it a place where everyone, everywhere, in every common space, business, and neighbourhood feels welcome and safe.

We can’t do it without you.

We’re asking business owners, community leaders, and other organizations to take the #HateFreeYeg pledge. Help make this a city for everyone.

Please contact us to learn more and take the pledge. Together, we can make our loving, beautiful city even better.

#HateFreeYeg is a non-partisan, entirely volunteer driven initiative that has received operational funding in donations from the Alberta Public Interest Research Group and the Edmonton & District Labour Council.

The people who run #HateFreeYeg do not and never will take or make money off the project, and donations are used to cover operating costs such as the website, sticker & button printing, as well as labour costs, such as reimbursing volunteers for mileage.